Visa Direct

Simple. Secure. Fast

Sathapana Mobile and iBanking users can  enjoy real-time fund transfers to their family members and friends right in the palm of their hand and the fund is credited directly to the recipient’s Visa card accounts instantly.

Visa Direct is a next level money transfers technology service brought to you by Sathapana bank together with Visa to enable your fund transfer domestically and internationally easy and instantaneously.

Discover the simplest way to send money

Cross-border transfer

Cross border transfer is currently available for Visa cards issued by banks in Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam.

Features and Benefit:

  • Convenient: 24/7 access through iBanking or Mobile Banking App.
  • Simplicity: Just serveral steps to send money, you only require the recipient’s full name and Visa Card number. 
  • Speed and efficiency: Transfers are near real-time or within 30 minutes after approval.
  • Enhanced security: Multi-layered system of risk and compliance controls.
  • Affordability: Low service fee per transaction compared with other international fund transfer services.

Access Channels:

  • Sathapana Mobile/iBanking

All eligible Visa cards:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Prepaid Card

Fees and Charges:

Send (Module)

Amount (USD)

Fee (USD)


USD0.01 - USD500

USD 0.50

USD500.01 - USD1,000

USD 0.75

USD1,000.01 - USD2,500



USD0.01 - USD500


USD500.01 - USD1,000


USD1,000.01 - USD2,500


Service Limits:

Send (Module)

Daily Limit

Single Limit


  • 1 day: 150 transactions or USD20,000
  • 7 days: 250 transactions or USD50,000
  • 30 days: 750 transactions or USD100,000

Up to USD2,500 Per Transaction


  • 1 day: 30 transactions or USD10,000
  • 7 days: 50 transactions or USD25,000
  • 30 days: 150 transactions or USD50,000