Term Deposit with Top-up Option

With Term Deposit from Sathapana Bank, you can look forward to the high growth of your funds while having complete peace of mind. You can choose a fixed period of 3 to 60 months with a high-interest rate offer for your Term Deposit account in either KHR or USD. The great news is that you can now increase your earnings by depositing additional funds anytime into your existing Term Deposit account at the same highest interest rate.



Interest on Maturity

Monthly Interest

Minimum Opening Balance

USD 500

KHR 2,000,000 

USD 500

KHR 2,000,000 






3 months


6 months


9 months


12 months


24 months


36 months


48 months


60 months







Term Deposit Prematurity

An interest rate of Savings Account is applied

Early Closure Term

48 months and 60 months, free and 1 business day notification

Withholding Tax 

6% for Residence or 14%  for Non-Residence 


  • Earn a high-interest rate
  • Low minimum opening balance
  • Flexible term offerings 
  • Allowed additional deposits during term and enjoy the same interest rate. 

Top-up Terms & Conditions

  • Top-up is applicable for Term Deposit account with a tenor from 12 months and above
  • Source account currency used for top-up needs to be the same as the Term Deposit account currency. 
  • Minimum top-up deposit balance is $500 and above in every top-up transaction
  • Interest rate daily calculated based on top-up amount and date (on Maturity and Monthly)
  • Anytime top-up via over-the-counter 
  • Interest rates are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice to clients


  • Individual aged from 18 years and above
  • Required documents are:

                  o  Valid National Identification ;  or

                  o  Valid Passport; or

                  o  Identification letter, birth certificate, family book (Head of family one) 

  • Occupation and Source of fund
  • Complete Sathapana Bank's Application Form, and 
  • Sample of your signatures or finger print

How to apply

Please visit one of our branches nearest to you and meet our expert who will warmly welcome and guide you through the process, or contact us via our 24/7 hotlines: +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 | customercare@remove-this.sathapana.com.remove-this.kh for more information. For our branch address, please click here.

Or you can quickly complete online inquiry form here. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

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