Smart Savings Account

Smart Savings is a regular savings account which allows customer to enjoy high interest and is flexible to meet a depositor’s individual needs. It is also a fund management plan designed for a long-term and healthy financial strategy with quarterly interest rate.




Minimum Balance

USD 100

KHR 400,000

Required Monthly Min. Deposit

USD 50KHR 200,000

Interest Rate (p.a)
Interest Payment


2 % p.a.

2.5 % p.a.

Quarterly Interest Payment

Early Closure Fee (Within 6 months)

USD 10

KHR 40,000

Dormancy Fee
(No transaction after 12 months)



KHR 20,000

Passbook (per request)



KHR 8,000

Withdrawal/Fee Charge

Free 2 times withdrawal per month with unlimited amount at any bank channels (ATM is not applicable)

For financial transaction more than two times per month, a fee of USD10 or KHR40, 000 will be applied per transaction

Digital Banking Access

iBanking and Mobile Banking access

Account Opening

Available at any channel, counter and iBanking and Mobile Banking

Standing Instruction Facility

Waive for SI set up and Transaction Fee

*SI facility is recommended for automatic account top-up

Withholding Tax

4% for Resident

14% for Non-resident

* Interest rates are subjected to change at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice to clients.


•    Daily interest accrual
•    Suitable for long-term savings plan
•    Registration application is available on Mobile Banking and i-Banking


•    Individual aged from 18 years and above (Resident and Non-resident)
•    Valid National Identification Card; or Valid Passport; or other documents (if necessary)
•    Completed Sathapana Bank’s application form
•    Not applicable for corporate customers

How to apply

-    Please visit one of your nearest branches or call us at 023/81 999 010 for more information.
-    For our branch address, please visit our website at
-    Or complete our online inquiry form on our website. 

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