Your Online Shopping is now secured with VISA-secure!

Sathapana Bank has worked with Visa and developed a program that helps ensure that payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa Sathapana’s account, to make online purchases more secure and helps protect your card against unauthorized use when you shop online.
Our aim is to make your online purchases more secure, fast and convenient.

How does it work?

1. When you shop online and see the Visa Secure badge on participating merchant sites, this means your online purchases are secured with Visa. Visa has developed a program that helps confirm your identity when you make an online purchase. This service helps make shopping online more secure by protecting against unauthorized use of your Visa card. Whether you’re using a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an additional check to verify your identity. This helps Sathapana Bank know you’re really you, and it better protects you from fraud.

2. Sathapana Bank is working behind the scenes when you're shopping online, using advanced technology to confirm your identity. If there’s any doubt such as when you use a new device or make an unusually large purchase you may be asked to provide more information to confirm the purchase. For example, you will notice a message or screen after you’ve entered your Visa card details. This is your bank communicating with you directly. We have number of tools that can help verify your identity such as a one-time passcode or email. If you encounter this extra step, simply follow the instructions on your screen to verify your identity.

3. To get more information on how to purchase 3D-secure, please follow the link to tutorial video.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the benefit?

Through this program, you have an added layer of protection that helps to prevent the unauthorized use of your Visa card while shopping online. This service helps your issuer know you’re really you and most importantly it protects you from fraud.

2. Can I use both credit and debit cards?

Yes. This service was designed for both Visa credit and debit cards when shopping online. When you use your Visa debit card, your online transaction experience will be similar to a credit transaction—no need to enter your PIN.

3. Do I need a new Visa card to use this service?

No. Your current Visa card will work, as long as the financial institution that issues your card is part of this Visa Secure program. Please visit your issuer’s website for more information.

4. How will I know if my online purchase has this added layer of protection?

This service automatically works at checkout with participating merchants. Remember, there is no need to download anything, install software or register your account to get this added layer of protection. When using this service, you may occasionally be prompted at checkout to verify your identity, but this is to ensure you’re you and protect you from fraud.

5. What happens when I finish shopping?

As you complete the transaction, you may be prompted to verify your identity if additional authentication is required. It’s important to take special precautions when shopping online. This extra verification step helps ensure the person using your card is you.

6. If I do encounter this extra verification step, what will the extra check be?

The financial institution that issued your Visa card has a number of tools that can help verify your identity such as a one-time passcode or biometrics. If you encounter this extra step, simply follow the instructions on your screen to verify your identity.

7. I see the Visa logo when I’m going through the extra check. What’s this about?

If you do encounter this extra verification step, Visa helps route information to your financial institution so they can verify your identity. The Visa logo is there to give you peace of mind that the transmission is secure and reliable.

8. I used to see Verified by Visa on your website. Is this service different?

No. Although the Verified by Visa name is no longer in use, the same technology is in place to help protect you. In fact, this service was recently enhanced to make transactions more secure and the user experience more seamless.


Security Features

1. PIN: Never disclose your PIN to anyone. Do not write it on the Card or anywhere else. Simply memorize it. We recommend that you change the PIN to a number of your choice as soon as possible, and change it at regular intervals.

2. Signature Panel: Sign on the ‘signature panel’ on the reverse of the Card as soon as you receive it. This will protect your Card from any unauthorized use.

3. Loss of Card: Contact the 24/7 call center Customer Service immediately. Do not wait to send an email or a letter.

4. Shopping at Merchant Establishments: In case of purchases, this Card can only be used at merchant outlets with a VISA enabled electronic POS chip/ swipe terminal. Please should not try and use your Card at merchants with “paper imprinters” or for mail / telephone order transactions. Always ensure that the Card is used in your presence when transacting at merchants. Never sign an incomplete charge slip.

5. Magnetic Strip: Please protect your card from scratching or exposure to magnets and fields as they can damage the strip.

Card Security

For your own safety, memorize then dispose your Personal Identification Number (PIN) mailer or keep it in a safe place away from your card. If you suspect that your card details have been compromised or your card is lost/stolen, please immediately call our 24/7 hotlines via +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 |

Card Safety Abroad

Sathapana Bank card(s) not only make travelling easier, but they make it safer since unlike cash, they can be blocked and replaced if they are lost or stolen — in case of such an unfortunate event, report your missing card(s) immediately to us via our 24/7 hotlines +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 |

 Before you leave

1. Contact us and let us know where you are travelling to.

2. Check the expiry date on your card and make sure that you have enough funds in your account or your card payments are up-to-date.

3. Photocopy your card and keep the document somewhere safe.

4. Do not keep cards and cash in the same place — to mitigate the risk of losing everything.

Use a secure web browser

Look for an “s” after the “http” in the web page address or URL.

Use the internet to check and compare retailers

If you are not familiar with the merchant, would like do an online search to check recommendations and feedback from other customers. Compare products and prices before you buy — click around to find your item at the best price.

Protect your card details

Only give your card details when making purchases— do not provide them for any other reason. Keep a record of your transactions Keep a record of your transactions — just in case you need to return an item or have a question about your purchase.

Changing your PIN Code

Please change your PIN Code regularly in order to avoid any kind of unauthorized use of your card. You can change your PIN Code at any SATHAPANA Bank’s ATMs.

How to Change your PIN Code at Sathapana Bank’s ATMs:

1. Insert your Visa Card into any Sathapana Bank’s ATMs.

2. Enter the existing PIN

3. Choose PIN change Option 

4. Enter new PIN

5. Confirm your new PIN

6. Take your receipt

How to avoid misuse of your Card

Based on experience as card issuer, we have developed the following 16 rules to further significantly reduce your chance of being subjected to credit card fraud.

1. Never keep your card loosely in your packets or bags.
2. Always keep your card in the same place within your wallet/purse so that you notice immediately if it is missing.
3. Never leave your card unattended.
4. Always memorize your PIN.
5. Never keep a copy of your PIN in your wallet/ purse and never write your PIN number on your credit card.
6. Never disclose your PIN to anyone, even to your family members.
7. Never surrender your card to anyone other than a merchant when making purchase. This includes people claiming to be representatives of SATHAPANA Bank.
8. Always ensure that the merchant processes the transaction on your card in your presence and ensure they do not note down your card number, insert/swipe your card twice.
9. Always take some time to verify that upon completion of the purchase the credit card returned to you is yours.
10. Always call SATHAPANA Bank if you have any suspicion that your card has been used fraudulently or lost or stolen.
11. Always keep a copy of your card details (card number, expiry date, CVV2) and any relevant bank addresses / contact numbers in a safe place other than your purse / wallet.
12. Always keep track of your credit card's billing statement date if your credit card statement is not hesitated to contact the Bank to ensure that it has been dispatched to your appropriate mailing address.
13. Always notify the Bank, in writing, of any changes in your employment and / or residential address and telephone / mobile numbers.
14. Never reveal your card number / CVV2 /expiry date / PIN number and your personal details to any telephonic survey.
15. Never reveal your card number / expiry date / PIN number and your personal details to any e-mail soliciting your personal information.
16. Never seek help from strangers in ATM, even if offered voluntarily, while utilizing your card at ATM.