Sathapana Visa Corporate credit card is a smart solution for corporate companies of all types in managing all expenditures effectively. It is ideal for companies with a variety of necessary spendings on travel, training courses, staff allowances and other goods purchases for daily operation. The card payment is simple and widely accepted via POS and online worldwide where the VISA card payment is accepted. 


Greater Financial Control

Employers can control and monitor all expenses effectively and easily on billing statements which are sent by the bank with pre-set limits on individual employee spending.

Online Convenience

Sathapana Visa Corporate credit card provides your employees with greater convenience to book travels and make purchasess online easily and securely. 

Worldwide Acceptance

Sathapana Visa Corporate credit card is widely accepted at millions of shops throughout the world where VISA card payment is accepted.

Term and Conditions

  • Individuals with a minimum of 21 years of age (Cardholders)
  • Minimum two years of business operation
  • Minimum capital is based on the actual financial analysis
  • The company must be profitable as reflected in the financial statements
  • Company registration certificate.
  • Valid ID/Passport
  • Additional documents if any

Repayment Schedule

Billing Statement Date

20th of every month

Due Date

5th of every month


Full payment is required

Grace Period Payment

3 days after the due date

Auto Payment

1 day before the due date

Fees and Charges

Card validity

5 years

Annual Fee

USD30 per annum/per card

Card Replacement

USD10/per card

Late Payment Interest Rate

1.50% per month (of the outstanding amount)

Late Payment Penalty

5% of the total billing statement

Foreign Currency Fee

2.50% of the transaction amount

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