Sathapana Gateway is an eCommerce gateway that allows merchant partners to accept Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card payments for purchases made on its website/app (internet) for products and services. This will keep the payments ecosystem for consumers and businesses running smoothly.

Why Sathapana Gateway?

Fast Integration

The integration process is simple and quick, reducing the difficulty of entering a new market and reaching out to a worldwide customer base. You will earn a great reputation, which will help you attract loyal customers.

Superior Checkout Journey

The seamless method of accepting online payments will provide you with satisfaction and ease. Allow your clients to place orders or pay for them online without having to go to a store, and have their goods delivered to their homes.

Multiple Way of Accepting Payment

To meet your business's nature, you can accept payment alternatives through the Sathapana Gateway Solution.

Safe, Secure, And Reliable

Leverages integration security controls, including encryption, tokenization, 3D Secure solution, and Risk filtering module to secure data to avoid any fraud transaction/information.

Portal Management Infrastructure

Through the admin portal, you will have full control over your back-office, including real-time transaction report monitoring and managing goods and services pricing.

  1. Complete merchant KYC evaluation with sign-off merchant application form and agreement
  2. Submit requirement documents based on the chosen feature
  3. Complete API Integration    



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