What is Sathapana ePayroll?

Sathapana ePayroll is a digital payroll solution designed for all types of small to medium businesses in many sectors. This solution helps to improve business efficiency where your staff payroll is effectively managed by the flexible and reliable digital portal. You can request, manage, approve, and report all payroll transactions very easily and securely.
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Main Features

Staff Management Portal

  • Simplify the way you manage and monitor your staff information.
  • Activate your new staff accounts and deactivate your former staff with complete control.
  • All transactions on the platform are recorded and ready to be extracted for your requirements.

Approval Metrix

  • Flexibly create the payroll management process by providing limit of access or make limitation of users to match your business requirements and policy.

Dashboard Access

  • Provides a quick look at your expense in graphs with the list of paid payrolls on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis that can be filtered before downloading at your convenience.
  • Record-keeping for all your payroll reports.

Automate payroll securely
Pay your staff with just a few clicks from the highly secured built-in banking system that guards your fund with access level and more.

Easily access and control
Adjust payment policy to match your business requirements down to individual users on the platform, all are easily accessible from the admin panel.

Leverage staff benefits
Staff can access their bank account via Sathapana Mobile or ATMs nationwide anytime and more benefits can be leveraged from the platform.

Designed for any business
Eligible for any business starting from 5 employees and quick integration with less complicated documents.

  • Waive 1st year annual fee for debit card and enjoy many exciting promotions
  • Register and use Sathapana Mobile anywhere, anytime
  • Easily withdraw salary at Sathapana Bank’s branches or any of our 250+ ATMs nationwide


  1. Business tax patent
  2. Business license and permit
  3. NID/Passport of owners or authorized persons

How to apply?    
Please contact us via our 24/7 hotlines: +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 | customercare@remove-this.sathapana.com.remove-this.kh

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