Get up to $50 cashback for weekend purchases with Sathapana Neary Credit Card

The excitement with the recent debut of the Sathapana Neary Credit Card is growing!

Enjoy your weekend shopping in-store or online anywhere and use the Sathapana Neary Credit Card for payments to get 10% or up to USD 50 cashback every month.

Sathapana Neary Credit Card is the first state-of-the-art women-focused credit card from Sathapana Bank. All cardholders can use this card without interest charges for up to 45 days to make purchases worldwide and enjoy numerous offerings on the go.  

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  • Get a free annual fee for the first 2 years for new cardholders.
  • Get up to 1% unlimited cashback for all customers. Learn more

Promotion Period

December 16, 2022, to March 31, 2023.



Applicable for all cardholders of Sathapana Neary Card only.


Terms and Conditions

  • Under this promotion, only cardholders of the Sathapana Neary Credit Card with transactions on weekends will be entitled to the cashback.
  • The cardholders will get a 10% or USD 50 cashback for their weekend spending, excluding the Card Activation Program (5% Cashback Reward).
  • Opens for both domestic and international retail purchase transactions through POS and E-commerce, except Cash Advance.
  • The cashback amount will be automatically calculated based on the spending amount of each month (maximum USD 50) and credited to customers’ credit limit on every 6th of the following month.
  • Sathapana Bank reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. 


For more information, visit your nearest Sathapana Bank branch or contact us: 023 999 010 / 081 999 010

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