Cash Back Rewards with Sathapana Visa Cards

  • Promotion Details: Cash Back Rewards with Sathapana Visa Cards.
  • Promotion Period: Until 31 December 2023.

* Terms and conditions

a. The incentive of Cash Back rate are as follows:

Card TypeCash Back incentive

Payment posting

SATHAPANA Visa Debit and Credit Classic Cards

0.3% of retail purchase

Total cash Back will be credited to card account on every 6th of following month.

SATHAPANA Visa Gold Credit Card

0.5% of retail purchase

Sathapana Neary Credit Card 

0.5% of retail purchase

SATHAPANA Visa Credit Platinum Card

1% of retail purchase

SATHAPANA Visa Corporate Credit Card

Not applicable

Not applicable

b. The Promotion is only open exclusively for both existing and new SATHAPANA Principal Credit Cardholders and SATHAPANA Debit Cardholders residing in Cambodia, inclusive of employees of Sathapana Bank, except Sathapana Visa Corporate Credit Cardholders (the “Qualified Principal Cardholder’s”).

c. The Qualified Principal Cardholder’s account must be valid, active and in good standing to be eligible for the Cash Back.
d. Under the promotional period, the Participants can use any one of their SATHAPANA Visa Credit and Debit Cards to be entitled to the Cash Back.
e. The Qualifying Retail Transactions shall include all local of Cambodia and overseas retail spending but exclude Cash Advance, Quasi Cash, Fund Transfer and Refund transaction.
f. The tracking of Qualifying Retail Transactions shall be based on transaction amount posted in the monthly billing statement within the promotion period.

* Sathapana Bank reserves rights at its discretion to modify terms and conditions without prior notice.