Tax Payment Cash Reward Campaign

Campaign Offer

Number of Transaction

Customers receive $ Cash Reward

Maximum Cash Reward

First Tax Payment

USD 1.00

USD 3.00

Second Tax Payment

USD 1.00

Third Tax Payment

USD 1.00

Eligible Customers: All Sathapana Bank’s Customers and Staff
Campaign Period: From 13th August – 30th October 2021
Terms and Conditions:
•    The Tax Payment Cash Reward Campaign is available for Over-the-Counter service at 140 Sathapana Bank branches nationwide.
•    Cash reward is eligible only available for Property Tax, Unused Land Tax, Stamp Transfer Tax, and Road Tax Payment.
•    An individual customer can get cash reward up to the third transaction at the maximum.
•    Sathapana Bank will credit the cash reward to customer’s account on the next working day after customer making transaction automatically.
•    The cash Reward will not apply to customers who make cash transactions.
•    Sathapana Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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