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  • Promotion Details: Every Refer to Open Online Account, Earn 4000 Riel Each (up to 200 million riel).
  • Promotion Period: From 01 June 2020 to 31 December 2020 OR until run out of cash reward up to 200 million riel

Easy Steps To Earn Cash Reward:

Step 1: You need to have Sathapana Bank account before participating in the program;
Step 2: Refer your friend to download Sathapana Mobile App then create Online Account;
Step 3: Your friend shall input your Sathapana Bank account number in box “Referrer Information”;
Step 4: You and your friend will receive 4000 riel each after your friend successfully created online account.


Hurry up! Cash reward is limited!


Terms and conditions

1. The promotion is effective from this announcement date until 31st December 2020 OR until run out of cash reward up to 200 million riel;

2. “The Referrer” refers to all Sathapana Bank accountholders;

3. “The Referee” refers to individual who has not yet had Sathapana Bank account and has been referred to create Sathapana Bank online account by The Referrer;

4. “Eligible Referral” refers to referral activity that followed all clauses stated in this terms and condition;

5. Sathapana Bank will credit 4000 riel in The Referrer’s account and another 4000 riel in The Referee’s account on every Eligible Referral;

6. In case the account to be credited is not Khmer Riel (such as US Dollar, Thai Baht or Japan Yuan), the credited amount will be exchanged based on the exchange rate of Sathapana Bank on the date of banking in;

7. The credited amount will be credited in The Referrer’s and The Referee’s accounts after the Referee successfully creates online account;

8. Total cash reward is 200 million riel;

9. In case the Referrer or the Referee do not receive the credited amount after successful online account creation, he/she may contact Sathapana Bank via phone number 023/081 999 010;

10. Sathapana Bank reserves right to withdraw or suspend the credited amount from the Referrer’s or The Referee’s accounts based on Sathapana Bank solely discretion, in case the Bank found any unusual and  misconduct on the terms and conditions;

11. Sathapana Bank reserves right to change or withdraw or suspend this program anytime without prior notice.