Get a Loan Package for both Your Dream House and Personal Uses at a Low Interest Rate

This Flexi Lending Program allows you to own your dream home while also meeting your personal needs. Through this loan offer, you will get a housing loan with a low interest rate starting at 0.58% p.m., and you can also request an extra loan for your personal needs with flexible payment terms. The loan size is up to USD1,000,000, or 80% of the physical collateral value, for up to 25 years.

Promotion Period: 01st February 2023 - 31st July 2023


Flexi Housing Loan Promotion


Individual (Resident), Both employee and self-employed



Type of Collateral

Soft/Hard Title

Loan Amount

Up to USD1,000,000

Interest Rate

From 0.58% per month

Loan Term

Up to 25 years

Loan Value Ratio

Up to 80%

Payment Method


*Other Terms and Conditions and processes followed the existing Flexi Lending Program.


How To Apply