Special Promotion for Corporate Executive Benefits

By opening a payroll account with Sathapana Bank, enjoy our “Corporate Executive Benefits Promotion,” which features special offers for the product package. Call or visit us to know more about this special offer. The promotion ends on 31st July 2022! 

Here is our corporate executive benefits program package:

1. Deposit package with a special offer
2. Flexi Lending Program with a special interest rate of only 0.58% p.m. and another special offer
3. Salary Advance Loan with special promotion
4. Credit Card limit up to USD10K 

How to Apply 
•  Please visit one of your nearest branches or call us at 023 999 010 / 081 999 010 for more information 
•  For our branch addresses, please visit our website at www.sathapana.com.kh/locations/