EasyCash Lending Program

If you need to use funds urgently during a contingency, you can simply apply for a secured loan with the EasyCash Lending Program for a low interest rate. This program allows you to get up to 100% of your available Term Deposit amount by having it as collateral. Now you can instantly access your needed funds without affecting the term or condition of your Term Deposit account.


EasyCash Lending Program


Individual (Resident)

Loan Type 

1.    Short-Term Loan
2.    Overdraft



Loan Amount

From $10,000 to $1,000,000

Loan Value Ratio

Up to 100% of Term Deposit amount

Interest Rate (p.a.)

Plus 1.8% of interest rate on your Term Deposit 


Term Deposit certificate with Sathapana Bank


1.    Up to 12 months
2.    Equal to the remaining tenure of Term Deposit but not exceed 12 months

Processing Fee

Free of Charge

Payment Method

Monthly Interest Repayment 
-> Short-Term loan: renewable 

Available Channel

At every Sathapana Bank branch

Other terms and conditions, as well as the process, followed by existing policy.


How To Apply