Sathapana Payroll Package Program

Are you looking for a bank that can help manage your monthly payroll for your employees?

Sathapana Bank is here to help you save time and protect your finances from fraud with our Payroll Package Program.

As a benefit, when you sign up with the program, your employees can get a salary loan and an unsecured credit card.

Enroll now with our Payroll Package Program and let your business run efficiently and smoothly.

Benefits of the Sathapana Payroll Package Program:

-    Enjoy a special offer and fee waiver of the Deposit Package
-    Special reward within the number of the transaction set
-    Receive a special package consisting of a Salary Loan and an unsecured credit card from Sathapana Bank
-    Enjoy a fee waiver for Sathapana Visa Debit card and other services

For more information:
•    Please visit any Sathapana Bank branch nearest you or call us at 023/081 999 010
•    For our branch address, please visit our website at
•    Click here for details