Workshop at Vanda Institute

On August 30th, 2016 at Vanda Institute held a workshop on the topic of “Marketing Management Strategies and the Social contribution​​ in Cambodia.”

The event was presided over by Mr. Vong Sokhal, Chief Planning Officer, Mr. Ky Roetha, Head of Marketing Department of Sathapana Bank Plc. and Mr. Pen Sovibol, the Fourth Vice-Director of Planning and Research at Vanda Institute.

The workshop was organized by Sathapana Bank Plc. with the collaboration with Vanda Institute to provide 235 students with the practical skills – concerning the theories taught in school to the tangible implementation at Sathapana Bank Plc. The workshop, furthermore, aimed at equipping students with the practical knowledge and core competency so that participants would be qualified enough for the vacancy opportunities in financial institutions or banking sector in Cambodia after graduation.

This was the 5th seminar of this year with the total participants of 1405 students.