University Workshop of Sathapana Bank Plc.

In the morning of 14th December 2016 at University of Management and Economics (UME), Sathapana Bank Plc. conducted its workshop on the topic of “Marketing Management Strategies and Job Opportunities at Sathapana Bank Plc.” with the participations of 200 students. In the next morning of 15th December 2016, the Bank continued to provide another workshop on the same topic at University of Battambang (UBB) with the total participants of 250 students.​​

The workshop was presided over by Mr. Ky Roetha, Head of Marketing Department of Sathapana Bank Plc., Mr. Prum Vibol, Battambang Branch Manager, Mr. Bin Chhom, Vice Rector of University of Battambang, and Dr. Youth Jeitana, Vice Rector of University of Management and Economics.

The workshop aimed at equipping students with the practical knowledge and core competency so that participants would be qualified enough for the vacancy opportunities in financial institutions or banking sector in Cambodia after their graduation.

“I am so delighted with the present of Sathapana Bank Plc. at our University, and I would like to say thanks for the workshop that the Bank provides us today. We want public and private sectors to involve in our educational system like what we are doing today so that our students would be more qualified for the future jobs. More importantly, today all students will have good chances to ask the key speaker who is a direct operator in financial sector”. said Mr. Bin Chhom, Vice Rector of University of Battambang.

This was the 8th workshop of this year conducted by Sathapana Bank Plc. for public and private universities with the total participants of 2305 students.