Phnom Penh, 18 July 2019 - SATHAPANA Bank Plc (“SATHAPANA”) would like to notify the public that we currently found there is a suspect who is creating and using the Website and Email with the name of MARUHAN Japan Bank, in which MARUHAN Japan Bank, including its legal website, was legally dissolved after the merger with SATHAPANA since last April 2016.

Having had prompt investigation, the suspect is using almost similar content of MARUHAN Japan Bank’s website and acting as one among ex-MARUHAN Japan Bank’s senior executive management members. By this fact, it can show that the suspect might have planned to commit any fraudulent acts toward any targeted investors/customers.This press release is an official notification to alert the public to ignore and be careful to any website and email which claims himself/herself as senior executive management or staff of MARUHAN Japan Bank. SATHAPANA, which is surviving entity, will not be responsible for any acts or damages incurred from any fraudulent acts committed.

Last but not least, SATHAPANA is taking serious and all legal actions by cooperating with related authorities to detect the persons conducting this fraudulent act to ensure that the best reputation of MARUHAN Japan Bank, which is currently called SATHAPANA, shall be legally protected.