Sathapana Bank Supports Sre Peurk Primary School with Donation of Equipment and School Supplies

Phnom Penh, 14 December 2019 – Sathapana Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia, continues its support to charity programs in the education sector with a recent donation of school supplies and equipment to Sre Peurk Primary School located at Rolos Meanchey Commune, Sombo District, Kratie Province.

Aside from the supplies, Sathapana Bank also constructed a new toilet for the school as part of its commitment to promote hygiene and sanitation. And to promote environmental protection, the bank also donated 100 trees to be planted around the school area.

The equipment and educational supplies presented to the school include 57 student uniforms, 1 filing cabinet, 5 concrete benches, 30 reading books, 300 notebooks, 200 pens, 200 pencils, 3 English dictionaries, 3 watering pots, 5 sets of educational game equipment, 5 educational slogan stickers for classroom, 100 Sathapana eco bags, 74 Sathapana sport bags, snacks for children and wire mesh fence to secure and protect the more than 1,000 square meter property of Sre Peurk Primary School.

According to Mr. Preoun Vorn, Director of Sre Peurk Primary School, the school was established on April 29, 2014 with a one-room building.” With the help of the community and concerned citizens, we now have two additional rooms,” said Mr. Vorn.

“Sre Peurk Primary School has 74 students with four teachers and has two levels – Grade 1 to 3, where the original village language Phnorng aside from Khmer are being taught, and Grade 4 to 6 where they study only in Khmer,” added Mr. Vorn.

A student of Sre Peurk Primary School said, "School life is very difficult, the school and students lack toilets, supplies and equipment. I would like to thank Sathapana Bank for supporting our school.”

During the hand-over ceremony, Mr. Hoeurn Sina, Branch Manager of Sathapana Bank in Kratie said: "At Sathapana Bank, we see that education is a very vital foundation in our country’s development and in poverty reduction. Even if there are obstacles, I would like to encourage both parents and guardians to send their children to school.”

“The donations are not enough to meet the needs but these will be able to lessen your current difficulties, so teachers can concentrate on teaching and the students can focus on learning.”

Mr. Sina added: “We also need to protect the environment and we encourage everyone to take care of the 100 trees that we are planting around the school premises.”

The hand-over ceremony was attended by the governor of Rolos Meanchey District, the chief of Sre Peurk education office, the commune chief, teachers and students of Sre Peurk Primary School and Sathapana Bank employees.