Sathapana Bank, Manulife Cambodia, Station and Voltra started go green on a joyride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap to celebrate World EV Day

Riding a fun and cool electric motorcycle to protect the environment and promote energy efficient

Phnom Penh, 9 August 2022 - Sathapana Bank, Manulife Cambodia, Station, and Voltra jointly launched “Green Mobility Event” at Sathapana Tower to promote Go Green and celebrate World EV Day.
As part of the event, a motorcycle convoy, rode from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap (335km) on 8-9 August 2022 to highlight the importance of sustainable mobility and encourage Cambodian people in taking steps to reduce the environmental pollution by using electric bikes.   
The convoy departed from Sathapana Tower, passing several landmarks such as the Independence Monument and Wat Phnom before heading towards National Road 6 and on to Siem Reap.
“We are launching this event to promote the use of electric motorcycles in Cambodia to reduce transport-related pollution and prove that electric vehicles are reliable and efficient, even over long distances, to Cambodian citizens. Currently, the use of an electric motorcycle is ten times cheaper than a gasoline motorcycle,” says Yann Vaudin, Chief Executive Officer, VOLTRA.
In Cambodia, motorcycles are an essential vehicle for everyday life. Therefore, the Green Mobility campaign is one of the most significant awareness-rising activity regarding the economic and environmental benefits of the electric motorcycle.
“As a leading commercial bank in Cambodia, sustainability and ESG principles are important to us. We believe that supporting green mobility and e-motorbike will tremendously benefit Cambodian people. This event will highlight and promote the use of e-motorbike which is just as good as the gasoline bike.” says Mr. Jean Pierre Gagnon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Sathapana Bank.
“As the country’s first international life insurance company with 10-year-milestone as well as a longstanding member of the business community, Manulife Cambodia is honored to provide support for the green mobility initiative in Cambodia through this event. This is also one of many ways we are focusing on accelerating a sustainable future for the community as part of our Impact Agenda.” says Mr. Justin D. Helferich, CEO & General Manager, Manulife Cambodia.
“At Station, we take great pride at creating a green driven ecosystem where we bring the latest technologies to Cambodia, bringing our partners and various communities closer. It was then obvious that we would be part of this amazing initiative,“ Mr. Frederic PROULX, CEO of Station, Station.

World EV Day is observed on September 9 annually. Special awareness campaigns would be organized worldwide on the day to mark the celebration of e-mobility. The campaigns aim at educating the people about the benefits of electric vehicles. To support the campaign, Manulife and Sathapana will launch a series of activities which culminate with announcing the two winners of eBikes on September 9, the official World EV day.