Sathapana Bank Donates Equipment and School Supplies to Yukunthor Primary School

Phnom Penh, 2nd August 2019 - Sathapana Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia, donated much-needed school supplies and equipment to Yukunthor Primary School, located at Chhnoktru Commune, Boriboar District in Kampong Chhnang Province, to help the school in their  efforts to recover after the school was destroyed by a fire on June 9. The donation was Sathapana Bank’s commitment to provide assistance to the educational sector in Cambodia.

Sathapana  Bank’s in-kind donation included educational supplies and school equipment such as 1 desktop computer, 1 colored printer, 1 ASSK A3 machine, 1 speaker, 1 filing cabinet, 15 wall fans, 1 weighing scale, 5 wall clocks, 1 measuring glass, 1 room thermometer, 1 human skeleton model, 300 reading books, 1,000 notebooks, 500 pens, 500 pencils, 250 Sathapana Sports Bags, 300 Sathapana Eco-bags, 10 boxes of markers and 3 whiteboards.

Mr. Noun Bora, Director of Yukunthor Primary School said: "The two buildings of the primary, which consisted of five rooms, was completely destroyed by fire on 9th June 2019. Today, in 2nd August, I am deeply grateful and happy about the support of Sathapana Bank to our school.”

Currently, four teachers and 226 students are using the building in Yukunthor pagoda for their classes.

Touch Phallla, a female Grade 6 student of Yukunthor Primary School said, "School life is very difficult after it was destroyed by the fire. The school and students lack supplies and equipment. I would like to thank Sathapana Bank for supporting our school”.

During the hand-over ceremony, Mr. Aing Bunseng, Head of Human Resource Department of Sathapana Bank said: "At Sathapana Bank, we see that education is a very vital foundation of our country’s development and in poverty reduction. Even if there are obstacles, I would like to encourage parents or guardians to send their children to school. The donations are not enough as needed but these will be able to lessen your current difficulties, so teachers can concentrate on teaching and the students can focus on learning.”

The donation hand-over ceremony was attended by the  chief monk of Yukunthor pagoda, the governor of Boriboar District, the chief of Boriboar education office, the commune chief, teachers and students of Yukunthor Primary School and Sathapana Bank employees.