Involvement of Sathapana Bank in Responding to the Spread of COVID-19

Sathapana Bank, as one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia, would like to inform the public that we will fully support the measures and recommendations by the Royal Government of Cambodia and the National Bank of Cambodia to deal with present challenges and minimize negative impacts due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Sathapana Bank will continue our great contribution in ensuring business sustainability in Cambodia by continuing to provide loans to priority sectors at the practical possibilities, particularly in the areas of SMEs of tourism industrial such as hotels, lodges, restaurants, constructions, garments and footwears. In addition, we will maintain a gentle attitude and review at the practical possibilities of resolving late repayments of debts caused by the negative effects of COVID-19.
To ensure the sustainability of the Bank's operations, we have introduced stringent protection measures against COVID-19 for staffs and customers with temperature monitoring, regular hand washing with alcohol or soap, and other sanitary and protection measures introduced by the Ministry of Health.