Beware of chatgroups on Telegram using Sathapana Bank to promote crypto currency

Dear valued customers,

We have currently identified many Telegram groups under the name “KHAMER BITCOIN” that have been mentioned Sathapana Bank as one of the banks that their members can make payment and transfer funds from their crypto currencies trading in Cambodia. It is not true, Sathapana Bank does not have any direct or indirect relation to these groups, KHAMER BITCOIN; moreover, we never support any illegal activities which is prohibited by laws of Cambodia.

In accordance with National Bank of Cambodia’s Notification No. B7-017-1058 Sor. Chor. Nor dated 5 December 2017 on “Prevention to use, circulate, buy, sell, settle and promote Crypto Currencies and similar electronic commodities which is not certified by National Bank of Cambodia in the banking and financial system in Cambodia”, thus, we would advise our valued customers to be aware of such activity as crypto trading is illegal in Cambodia.
Once again, to protect our customers’ interests, Sathapana Bank strongly highlights the following:

  • Sathapana Bank has no relation to or any other fund involvement with KHAMER BITCOIN;
  • All payments and transfers to and from KHAMER BITCOIN through Sathapana Bank accounts will be carefully monitored and blocked;
  • Sathapana Bank will not be responsible for any losses caused by crypto currencies-related transactions;  
  • If you are invited or accidentally joined those groups, please leave them as soon as you can. 

You can also immediately report any suspicious activities related to KHAMER BITCOIN to us +855 (0) 23/81 999 010