Corporate Saving Account

A corporate saving account is basically a bearing interest of account for business customers. You might want to consider a corporate saving account if your business has a large cash surplus that you would like to be earning some interest on, either to act a reserve.


Account Name and Type

Corporate Saving Account

Saving (with Passbook only as an option for depositor)

Interest Rate Per Annum1% p.a.



Interest Calculation and Liquidation


≤ US$ 10,000 - 0%

> US$ 10,000 - 1%

≤ KHR40,000,000 - 0%

> KHR40,000,000 - 1%

≤ THB300,000 - 0%

> THB300,000 - 1%

Interest calculated and accrued on daily basis

Interest liquidation/payout on monthly basis

EligibilityCorporate (excluded Financial Institution)
Minimum openingUS$500KHR2,000,000THB15,000
Minimum ongoing balanceUS$50KHR200,000THB1,500

Dormancy Fee (annually applied as

standard dormancy fee policy)




Early Closure Fee with 3 MonthsUS$10KHR40,000THB300

Transactional Channels

Branches ( via Cash Withdrawal Slip)


Passbook Issuance Fee (per book)US$5KHR20,000THB150
Withholding Tax4% Residence, 14% Non Residence

Special Benefits

  • Interest calculated and accrued on daily basis, Interest liquidation/payout on monthly basis
  • Passbook to control all transactions
  • Transaction channels via eBanking or branches

Required Documents

  • Certificate of incorporation /Registration issued by Ministry of Commerce
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association ( or statue)
  • Business license issued by relevant ministry and authority (optional)
  • Letter of approval from relevant ministry or authority (optional)
  • Resolution of Board of Directors
  • Copy of Passports/ ID of Directors/Authorized Signatories
  • Power of Attorney / Letter of Appointment or authorization ( optional)
  • Business Patent
  • Other registration Document ( if applicable)