ATM in Cambodia

27 /02 /2017: Sathapana Bank Plc. realizes that it is not always convenient to make a trip to a bank branch, especially for simple services such as checking your account balance and requesting a bank statement, or even withdrawing or depositing a small amount of cash and transferring money inside Sathapana. Therefore, our ATM service is the best option for any immediate banking transactions need since it provides clients with a 24/7 access.​​ In 2016, Sathapana Bank Plc. had 72 nationwide ATM​​ located at strategic branches and public supermarkets and prime places.​ Sathapana is expanding more ATM machines in the following years also.

Our ATM service is designed for the total privacy and security because we know that security is extremely important to ATM cardholders.​​​​ Every transaction you made will be passing through the Host Security Module, as a device used for encrypting and decrypting your ATM information.​ Hence, you can be assured that your transaction is safe, so that your privacy is carefully maintained.