Sathapana Won a Championship in New Season

In the final match of Khmer Real Estate Cup on the 10th July, 2016 at Western Stadium, an unbreakable king lion Sathapana’s football team won Khmer United with the penalty shoot-out result of 3-0 after getting the draw result of 2-2 in the 90-minute match.

In the first half of the match, Sathapana’s team performed very well and could put Khmer United under pressure yet; it could score only one goal while Khmer United could score up to 2 goals.

In the second round, Sathapana continued to put Khmer United under pressure and had the match completely under control by playing the ball in front of opponent’s goalkeeper. The team perfectly scored another goal in the penalty shoot-out after Khmer United defender did a mistake in danger zone, making a drawing result of 2-2 until the 90-minute match had ended.

A penalty shoot-out was finally taken to determine the new season championship for 2016. In this 11 miters shoot-out, Sathapana’s team did a good job after scoring 3 goals while Khmer United could hardly find any single goal from the first-choice goalkeeper of Sathapana’s team. As a result, Sathapana’s team became the championship of Khmer Real Estate Cup 2016 with the award of one big cup and 4 million riels.

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