Group Savings Plan

Besides saving alone, you can also make savings as a group with Sathapana Bank. Introducing the Group Savings Plan, in which you can team up with your loved ones, family members, colleagues, or friends to start saving and earn 10 times the interest rate of your regular savings account. Each group needs to have active savings account holders between two to five members, and all participating individuals will obtain the same highest interest rate determined by the group savings tier amount.

Visit any of Sathapana Bank branches to start the Group Savings Plan with your loved ones today!


Total Daily Balance
USD (KHR Equivalent)

Interest Rate (p.a.)


> 500 USD and Above

Up to 2.75%

How to apply

  • For further information, please visit your nearest Sathapana branch, where our expert will warmly welcome and guide you through the process, or contact us via our 24/7 hotlines: 023 999 010 / 081 999 010 |
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