Exciting Cash Reward: KHR 140,000,000 in Total for Merchants Using Sathapana KHQR

A big offer to all Sathapana merchants with KHR savings accounts! Get KHR 40,000 for each Sathapana Tutort merchant or KHR 20,000 per month for each usual Sathapana QR merchant. Simply accept payments via Sathapana KHQR, either on Sathapana Tutort or the usual Sathapana QR code, for at least 25 transactions per month with a minimum of KHR8,000 per transaction from 15 different customers to be eligible for this promotion.

Love the Riel, use Sathapana KHR account!

Promotion Period: 
This offer is valid from April 03 to July 03, 2024, or on a first-come, first-served basis.

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is eligible for both new and existing Sathapana merchants with KHR savings account, using either Sathapana QR or Sathapana Tutort, excluding corporate merchants.
  • The valid KHQR transactions include payments from customers of other local banks and UPI QRC. 
  • Merchants must receive payments for at least 25 transactions per month, from 15 different customers with a minimum of KHR 8,000 per transaction to be eligible for this promotion.
  • The winners will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis to win the cash reward.
  • Sathapana Tutort Merchants will receive KHR40,000, while QR Merchants will receive KHR 20,000 as a cash reward on a monthly basis.
  • One merchant can get up to 2 times cash rewards only throughout the promotion period.
  • The cash reward will be credited to the merchants’ savings account within 15 working days after each promotion month ends.
  • There will be no direct contact from Sathapana Bank to any merchants on the cash reward winners.
  • Merchants will be featured on the bank’s public communication channel where applied.
  • Sathapana Bank reserves the right to change any terms & conditions without any prior notice.

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