Flexi Housing Loan

Begin your next chapter in life and secure your future by owning your dream home with Sathapana Bank's Flexi Housing Loan.

Features & Benefits



Currency USD/KHR
Type of Collaterals
Hard/Soft Title Deed
Interest Rate (p.a.)
Competitive Interest Rate
Up to 25 years
Processing Fee
As low as 1%
(One-time fee one approved loan limit)
Payment Mode
Loan Amount
Up to 80% (of the property value)
*Other Terms and Conditions and processes follow the existing credit policy.

  • Cambodian citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 years old
  • Permanently residing in the country
  • Living at a permanent address as certified by local authorities
  • Either gainfully employed with sufficient regular salary or a business owner with stable income
  • And other relevant documents as requested
  • National Identification Document (NID) / identity document issued by an official authority
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA)
  • Letter from employer confirming salary and/or other income for the latest 3 months
  • Photocopy of Title Deed of property
  • Photocopy of 6 months bank statements, fixed deposit receipts, saving, and other relevant documents as requested 
  • Property Valuation report
  • Loan repayment records (Optional)
  • And other relevant documents as requested

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