Sathapana Tutort

Sathapana Tutort is a merchant app that enables micro and small businesses to accept cashless payments securely and instantly from many payment options, such as KHQR, Sathapana Rewards, Mastercard, Visa, UPI QRC, and WeChat. With a single Sathapana Tutort app, you can easily assign your cashiers to manage all payment transactions at different stores.

Why Sathapana Tutort?



Quick Start

Simply download Sathapana Tutort app from App Store or Google Play Store and activate with your Sathapana Bank account instantly. It's FREE.


Multi-Store Management

Manage the sales performance of all your business outlets by assigning cashiers within the single app, anytime.


Real-Time Monitoring

Track payment transactions in real time.


Multiple Payment Methods

Accept cashless payments instantly from any payment option including KHQR, Sathapana Rewards, Cards (Mastercard or Visa), UPI QRC, WeChat.


Instant Payment Notification

Get instant notifications of transactions on your Sathapana Tutort app, via Telegram, or via SMS.

Special Features

Accept QR payments

The generated dynamic QR code is made to securely accept payments from any financial app that supports KHQR, WeChat, and UPI.

Virtual Terminal

The ideal solution for hotel merchants and travel agencies to settle payments with the Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com, Ctrip, etc.

Accept Cards

It allows merchants to conveniently and securely accept contactless payments from cardholders worldwide, including Visa and Mastercard, at anytime, anywhere, through the secure mobile payment technology on Android.


The modern way to collect payments efficiently and get paid faster. Create and send professional-looking invoices as link that your customers can pay instantly

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