What is S2Biz?

S2Biz is a one-stop, secure, and digital solution that enables you to perform financial transactions such as local and international fund transfers, staff payroll, and accepting or making payments at your business with just a few taps from wherever you are. 

S2Biz brings a comprehensive experience with a very competitive fee and other special offerings, such as waived service fees and other corporate benefits.

Make Fund Transfers Easily

Receive or send funds hassle-free using fund transfer services such as Bakong for real-time mode and other international fund transfer services with enhanced customer experiences. 


Effectively Optimize Costs

Optimize your business costs and save lots of time by performing your financial transactions on the digital platform.


Digitalize Staff Payroll

 Automate staff payroll to pay your staff on time with a flexible approval matrix and enjoy other special promotions.


Get Exclusive Offers

Get special offers via Corporate Executive Benefits on savings accounts and loans for both your business and your staff, as well as other services and processing fee waivers.


Manage Business Finance on the Go

Quickly launch any browser with a URL from a computer, iPad, or iPhone at any time.


Access Real-time Report

All transactions are recorded and can be extracted easily and securely.




View the details of the account balance and overall balance summary, expenses, and quick access to fund transfer features.

Fund Transfer

Multiple options of fund transfers for your business needs: 
1.    Own account transfer
2.    Within bank transfer
3.    Local bank transfer (via Bakong and credit remittance)  
4.    International bank transfer (via Swift and Visa B2B connect)

Staff Payroll

Customize the payroll feature based on the business requirements for a digitalized payroll solution.

Account listing

Display the account listing and transaction details and monitor the inward and outward transactions by having a ready-downloaded statement available without the need for a branch visit.

Approval Matrix

Flexible approval matrix system to fit your business policy or approval requirements.



  1. NID/passport of owners
  2. License/business permit
  3. Latest Patent Tax

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