Current Account

The Sathapana Bank's current account gives you access to our cheque book facility and ATM card, helping you to easily and safely manage your local payment.

You can conveniently access your fund anytime and anywhere through our wide network of ATMs across the country.





Minimum Opening Balance 

USD 500

KHR 2,000,000 

Minimum Ongoing Balance 

USD 250

KHR 1,000,000


  • ATM Card
  • Access to iBanking and ATMS
  • Access to Sathapana Mobile



  • Performs Banking transactions conveniently with our wide networks of ATMs and Branches
  • Helps manage your local payments conveniently and safely


  • Certificate of incorporation or registration issued by Ministry of Commerce
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association or statue
  • Business license issued by relevant ministry and authority (As if required) or Letter of approval from relevant ministry or authority (As if required)
  • Resolution of Board of Directors
  • Copy of Passports or ID of Directors and Authorized Signatories
  • Power of Attorney​ or Letter of Appointment or authorization 
  • Business Patent Tax
  • Other registration Document ( if applicable)

How to apply

Please visit one of our branches nearest to you and meet our expert who will warmly welcome and guide you through the process, or call us via +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 | for more information. For our branch addresses, please follow here.

Or you can quickly complete online inquiry form here. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. 

For more detail information please click here