Developing Human Capital

Providing the best financial products and services to our customers is only possible when we have resourceful people working with us. 
That is why at Sathapana Bank we haeve always conducted training activities to all staff in order to make them understand deeply the banking business and to equip them with enough capacity and confidence to perform their duties. 

A pillar program of the bank, the induction training is conducted to give new staff an overview of the banking industry and awearness about Sathapana Bank's code of conduct and their roles and responsibilities. 

Having thousands of employees deployed throughout the country makes developing our human capital an ongoing challenge-ensuring that staff become an effective part of the company who will contribute to the bank's competitiveness and its ability to provide essential services to customers. 

Sathapana Bank genuinely values its employees as precious human assets  believing each one possesses the intellectual property that contributes to tne high quality performance of the company. That is why Sathapana Bank conscientiously sets an example In good employment practices by providing not only salary but also medical care, provident funds. staff loans. accident insurance. among other welfare benefits. 

To continually improve staff performance, Sathapana Bank has put in place various social policies such as Human Resources Management, Code of Conduct and Health & Safety. These guidelines help to monitor and advise management in their constant pursuit of finding. nurturing, and surrounding themselves with the best people.