What matters in any business, and to any business owner, is the cost-effective and efficient management of capital. Sathapana Bank's complete range of integrated electronic payment solutions optimizes your cash flow, such that your payments can be processed on time and in a consistently seamless manner. Our integrated electronic payment solutions are:

    Issue your employees' salary conveniently and confidentially through our email or single file upload in our Sathapana’s internet banking to your employees salary accounts held with Sathapana Bank.

    Bulk Payment
    Pay your suppliers, vendors and other business partners in less steps, via a single file upload or email.

    Domestic Transfer (Credit Remittance)
    Efficiently and economically perform US Dollars or Khmer Riel interbank fund transfers, within Cambodia.

    Telegraphic Transfer
    Remit foreign currency funds to most overseas countries in a quick and secure manner.

    Transfer funds in Khmer Riel instantly to any of the FAST participating banks in Cambodia.