Corporate Savings Account

Sathapana Bank corporate savings account provides your company an opportunity to earn interest from your liquid fund or working capital starting from USD10,000 and above - with flexible deposits and withdrawals.





Minimum Opening Balance 

USD 500 KHR 2,000,000 

THB 15,000 

Minimum Ongoing Balance 

USD 50 KHR 200,000 

THB 1,500 

Interest Rate

≤ USD 10,000 – 0%
> USD 10,000 – 0.75%

≤ KHR 40,000,000 – 0 %
> KHR 40,000,000 – 1%

≤ THB 300,000 – 0%
> THB 300,000 – 0.50%

Interest Payment 

Interest is accrued daily and paid out on monthly basis to the account


  •   Passbook 
  • Access iBanking 

Early termination fee
(within 3 months)

USD 10KHR 40,000

THB 300

Dormant account fee
(No transaction for 12 months)

USD 5KHR 20,000

THB 150

Passbook Issuance Fee 
(per book) 

USD 5 KHR 20,000 

THB 150

Withholding Tax 

4% Residence, 14% Non-Residence 


* Opening THB Account is applicable at designated branches only. Please contact us for more information. 
* Eligible only for corporate customer (exclude Financial Institutions).


Earn interest which is accrued daily and paid out monthly basis to your account


  • Certificate of incorporation or registration issued by Ministry of Commerce
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association  or statue
  • Business license issued by relevant ministry and authority (As if required) or Letter of approval from relevant ministry or authority (As if required)
  • Resolution of Board of Directors
  • Copy of Passports  or ID of Directors, Shareholders, and Authorized Signatories
  • Power of Attorney or  Letter of Appointment or authorization 
  • Business Patent Tax
  • Other registration Document ( if applicable)

How to apply

Please visit one of our branches nearest to you and meet our expert who will warmly welcome and guide you through the process, or call us via +855 (0) 23/81 999 010 | for more information. For our branch addresses, please follow here.

Or you can quickly complete online inquiry form here. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.