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Sathapana Limited was established as a Cambodian non-government organization (NGO) in 1995, under the name of Cambodia Community Building (CCB), to offer financial and health education service to poor communities. After financial grants were finished in late 1999, CCB adopted a minimalist microfinance approach focusing purely on credit loan and saving service. As a result, the lending operations shifted gradually from predominantly village banking group loans to a mix of solidarity group lending and individual lending.

CCB put forth its efforts to transform into a license microfinance institution. CCB registered at Ministry of Commerce in February 2003 with the new name “Cambodian Entrepreneur Building Limited”. In April 2003, CEB obtained a license of microfinance institution from National Bank of Cambodia. The name of company was changed to Sathapana Limited (SPN) with Reachasey, the king of animal as its logo in 2008. Sathapana Limited was the first MFI to obtain deposit taking license from the National Bank of Cambodia in January 2009. Sathapana Limited is operating on micro, small and medium loan, saving and local money transfer.

Highlights of the evolution:

1995 Cambodia Community Building NGO was established and registered with the Ministry of Interior as a local NGO, and obtained an operating license in August 1996. CCB provided financial services and health education programs to poor communities.


Community bank model of microfinance services and health education programs were offered to women in community banks. Starting in the middle of the year, different products and services were developed and offered to clients, including: solidarity group loans, individual loan products, US dollar currency loans, and the mobile banking model 


Adopted a minimalist microfinance approach by providing purely microfinance services including credit and saving. Reduced the health education program until the end of 1999 when it was completely eliminated. Fully rolled out the individual lending product, USD loan currency and branch office services.


CCB managed successfully to transform itself from an NGO type of microfinance provider into a professional MFI operating autonomously from donor funds and assistance by covering costs from its operation without any subsidized funding. Cambodian staff and management successfully led and managed operations to achieve self-financing and sustainability. CCB was assisted by total of 83 staff, operating within 3 provincial branches plus one district branch serving 5,355 clients and portfolio outstandings of USD 525, 704.



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