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Sathapana Limited was established as a Cambodian non-government organisation (NGO) in 1995, under the name of Cambodia Community Building (CCB), to offer financial and health education services to poor communities. After financial grants were finished in late 1999, CCB adopted a minimalist microfinance approach focusing purely on credit loans and saving services. As a result, the lending operations shifted gradually from predominantly village banking group loans to a mix of solidarity group lending and individual lending. The CCB put forth its efforts to transform into a licenced microfinance institution. The CCB registered at Ministry of Commerce in February 2003 with the new name “Cambodian Entrepreneur Building Limited.” In April 2003, CEB obtained a licence of microfinance institution from the National Bank of Cambodia. The name of company was changed to Sathapana Limited (SPN) with Reachasey, the king of animals as its logo in 2008. Sathapana Limited was the first MFI to obtain deposit taking licence from the National Bank of Cambodia in January 2009. Sathapana Limited is operating on the micro, small and medium loans level, with saving, local money transfers and ATM product .

2010-2014 performance Indicators:

During the five year performance, Sathapana Limited had accomplished good records in the industry in spite of the present of enhancing significant impact on Cambodia’s economic caused by global financial crisis in early 2010 and the depute result of National Election in July 2013. Backing by potential shareholder, Maruhan Japan Bank Plc. and the implement of FLEXCUBE Core Banking system in 2010, Sathapana had built absolute trust in its MFI market which indirectly pushed forward saving and loan portfolio at a high level. Loan portfolio rose rapidly from USD 57.77 million in 2010 to USD 311 million in 2014 with total loan clients of 43,565 and 94,852 respectively keeping average on time repayment at 99.85%. Portfolio at risk ratio (PAR>30 days) decreased from 0.21% in 2013 to 0.15% in 2014 which is considered to be the best quality of portfolio among the world microfinance market. In addition, deposit, including current account and fix account, gained popularity amongst public after Sathapana Limited had launched ATM product in early 2014. Deposit balance rose sharply form USD 17 million in 2010 to 166 million in 2014 with total depositors of 32,421 and 87,552 respectively. In 2013, the company successfully extended its operational areas to 25 provinces and city in the Kingdom of Cambodia and built up a well-deserved reputation as the first choice Microfinance Institution. Sathapana Limited’s image and reputation of poverty reduction, environmental protection, social integration and humanitarian activities had been recognized locally and internationally during the years. As such, the company was awarded with Chief Security Officer Award (CSO) from the Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN), The Outstanding Retail MFI Award from International Data Group (IDG), Honorable Award from The King of Cambodia with many medals to managers reflecting their effort and contribution to development of the country and other recognition letters. The strong support from Royal Government, shareholder and partners, especially its clients makes Sathapana Limited firmly believe that the company will contribute more to the economic development and further upgrading living standard of Cambodian’s family so that helping them to remove out of poverty trap successfully.

Highlights of the Evolution:

2014   Sathapana Limited continued its remarkable successes in 2014 after the institution had extended its operational areas to cover all 25 provinces and city in the kingdom of Cambodia. 6 branches and 9 points of services were newly established and put into operation which made a total of 126 offices in 2014. ATM Services, the institution’s new product, were successfully launched and gained popularity among Sathapana’s clients. The institution’s tendency of providing competitive and secure microfinance products and the staffs’ commitment to deliver professional services made Sathapana become the first choice in microfinance market. As a result, Sathapana won The Outstanding Retail MFI Award from International Data Group (IDG) and Honorable Medal from the King of Cambodia in 2014. As of 31 December 2014, total portfolio reached USD 311 million granted to 94.852 clients, whilst deposit balance dramatically increased to USD 166 million with total depositors of 87.179 has moved the company from number three into the top two in the MFI market. The increases of trust from its clients and a strong support from its shareholders and partners make Sathapana see the prospective successful opportunities in microfinance market in 2015.

2013  This was a great year for business together for Sathapana Limited, the MFI as it would grow enormously within the climate of the political turmoil caused by the disputed results of the National Election of July 28, but the stability soon returned afterwards so that it created business opportunities for Cambodian entrepreneurs to grow their businesses successfully. Sathapana Limited made a remarkable achievement during this year as it would fulfill its first mission to extend microfinance service to all 24 provinces and cities of the Kingdom of Cambodia, through a total of a 111 office networks with a total 2,147 full time employees. Portfolio grew at 50% together maintaining portfolio quality at best as reflecting in PAR 30 days was 0.2% at the end of December 2013. Total portfolio US$181.5 million at the end of December 2013 granted to 78,862 clients. Public deposits known as new products also became very popular as it grow from US$66 million in December 2012 to US$80.5 million by the end of December 2013 led Sathapana be on top of the microfinance market in regards to public deposit collections. This result reflected the strong effort of staff and management in managing its operation so that building trust in the market and increasing company image to a high level. Sathapana is planning to launch the new product of ATM machines in 2014.

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