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History Background

Sathapana Limited was established as a Cambodian non-government organization (NGO) in 1995, under the name of Cambodia Community Building (CCB). CCB had contributed actively in poverty reduction through providing financial support and health education to grass-root people. In 2003, CCB was changed to Cambodia Entrepreneurial Building (CEB) after becoming an official microfinance institution. In 2008, it was finally dubbed as Sathapana Limited, having Reachasey, king of animal as its logo.   

In 2003, Sathapana made a new milestone which obtained a license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) to operate as an official microfinance institution. This license has enabled the company to provide broader financial services to customers. After becoming the official microfinance institution, outstanding portfolio of the company had increased significantly. As a result of the remarkable performance of operation process, it received the Financial Transparency Award from the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGPA) in 2006.

The demand of financial saving has increased, especially from women in rural area, therefore; Sathapana Limited proposed for a Deposit Taking License from NBC. In January 2009, the company achieved its goal and became the very first microfinance institution to obtain this license.

In January 2011, Sathapana Limited was granted a new license, Money Exchange License, from NBC to provide customers with a variety of financial services.

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